Menu Plan Monday: September 2014, Part 2

18 Sep 2014 In: Menu Plan Monday

18. Crockpot Pot Roast
19.  chicken fricassee
20.  BFD.  Buttermilk pancakes, maple bacon and eggs.
21.  Sunday Dinner:  rigatoni & meatballs
22.  baked chicken parmesan
23.  chicken souvlaki (NEW!)
24.  philly cheesesteak puffs (NEW!)
25.  turkey fried rice (NEW!)
26. steak and potatoes
27. FFY Buffet… we have two birthday parties and a soccer game AND a swim lesson. Oy.
28. Sunday Dinner: TBD, at a renaissance fair! :)
29.  crockpot chicken teriyaki (NEW!)
30.  pizza night!

Menu Plan Monday: September 2014, Part 1

6 Sep 2014 In: Menu Plan Monday

Late! I feel like the Mad Hatter. Back to school is complete, though!

6. BFD: buttermilk pancakes, bacon, eggs and homefries!
7. Sunday Dinner:  baked chicken caprese, green beans from the garden, rice pilaf.
8.  turkey club sammies with oven fries.
9.  1st After-School Activity (ASA) night of the year (and our parental career, really): marinated london broil, broccoli, rice (I’m making the rice the day before, because rice, annoyingly, always takes 12 hours to cook)
10.  2nd ASA night: hot dogs on the grill, baked beans, salad.
11.  Mexican night! tacos or quesadillas.  Yellow rice & black beans.
12. family movie night:  Matilda!  grilled cheeses, apple sauce & popcorn.
13. TBD:  we are celebrating a new home purchase for friends at an open house party.
14.  have friends coming over for the Patriots game.  So game food of some sort… chicken tenders, baked potato skins.. still working that one out.
15.  FFY buffet

Menu Plan Monday: August 2014, Part 2

18 Aug 2014 In: Menu Plan Monday

So, SO happy to be writing this. It’s been a hectic few months (as you can tell from the last MPM post!) but many good things are on the way.

First and foremost, the meal plan:

18. lemony baked cod fillets with brown rice and green beans
19. maple thyme thick-cut pork chops and roasted veggies (potato, butternut & zucchini from the garden)
20. hot dogs and hamburgers on the grill with sweet potato tots, and a lettuce/cucumber/tomato salad from our garden
21. FFY Buffet
22.  BFD & family movie night:  whole grain berry pancakes & bacon
23.  pizza night: individual pizzas TBD, Boo will have his folded in half as an “italian grilled cheese” (shh… he will actually eat pizza this way only)
24. Sunday dinner: roast beef with slow cooked  tomatoes and garlic
25.  sneaky chicken quesadillas (aka Mexican grilled cheese as far as Boo is concerned) with fresh local corn, YUM!
26. Beth’s roasted chicken drums, mashed potatoes and broccoli
27. Boo and Moo are back to school today! Kiddos’ choice.
28. Maui-marinated london broil with pineapple jasmine rice
29. Happy Birthday, suitntie! :) TBD, but dinner out at his place of choice.
30. FFY Buffet
31. Sunday Dinner and movie night:  cheese and cracker chicken, wild rice & garlic green beans

I am also making a batch of the Pioneer Woman’s beans and cornbread for suitntie’s lunches because he loves it so much (but the kids won’t touch it) and some blueberry oat bran muffins. nom nom nom.

Menu Plan Monday: June 2014, Part 1

30 May 2014 In: Menu Plan Monday

Oops. I missed May entirely. Forgive me. Finals and a big trip to Disney… it was chaos, made worse by lack of a meal plan. oy.

In any case, i’m making up for it with a vengeance this month. Tons of new recipes! So much fun. Have you found a new, fun recipe lately? What is your favorite go to in the summer?

Moving on!

  1. Sunday Dinner:  crispy fish (and fish nuggets for kiddos) with lemon-dill sauce (NEW!)
  2. Meatless Monday:  southwestern rice and beans with tortillas (NEW!)
  3. honey sesame chicken (NEW!)
  4. crockpot mongolian beef
  5. FFY Buffet
  6. Pizza night!  margherita!
  7. hot dogs on the grill and baked beans
  8. Sunday Dinner: orange-glazed pork tenderloin with cranberry tabbouleh!  (NEW!)
  9. Meatless Monday: black bean soup (although we are using a cheat of chicken broth, sorry) (NEW!)
  10. cottage pie (NEW!)
  11. black beans & sausage (made before but forgot to post about it)
  12. BFD:  eggs and bacon with pancakes!
  13. FFY: my sister is graduating!
  14. TBD: big graduation party. I’m making my dad’s favorite dartmouth st. jambalaya, pork tenderloin with maple glaze, italian chopped salad, chinese napa salad, and my famous brownies and Katie’s sangria. I can’t believe after all these years I still have not posted the jambalaya recipe. sigh. I’m so lazy.  Both of those salads i’ve made before, too…and still haven’t posted. It’s going to be a summer of posting for me.
  15. FFY. No way I’m cooking. :)

Menu Plan Monday: April 2014, Part 1

3 Apr 2014 In: Menu Plan Monday

a bit late (shocking, I know).  Lots of things going on, but I don’t want to let the meal plan fall by the wayside…it will only make everything else worse!

3. BFD: bacon, eggs, homefries & toast.
4. shredded BBQ chicken sandwiches and oven fries
5. maui marinated london broil
6. Sunday Dinner: tortellini alfredo with chicken and broccoli
7. baked chicken
8. lazy pot roast!
9. chicken & biscuits
10. pot roast tacos or quesadillas (for Boo)
11. FFY Buffet
12. BFD: waffles and sausage!
13. Sunday Dinner: baked haddock with lemon and herbs
14. chicken milanese
15. pizza night: english muffin!

Menu Plan Monday: March 2014, Part 2

17 Mar 2014 In: Menu Plan Monday

Back on my laptop, thank goodness. trying to blog post from an iPad sucks. :)

Fun fact: I am actually, for the first time in many months, making this post on a Monday morning. wee!

16. FFY Buffet
17. Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Corned beef & cabbage, from scratch, with Irish soda bread. Nom nom nom.
18. chicken quesadillas
19. chef salads
20. BFD: eggs and corned beef hash!
21. FFY Buffet
22. Happy Birthday, Boo!!! Boo’s choice: crunchy parmesan chicken tenders and mashed potatoes.
23. Boo’s bday party: we’re having dinner at a hockey game.
24. chicken curry (made for first time recently, haven’t posted but SO GOOD)
25. rigatoni and meatballs
26. kielbasa and potato skillet
27. BFD: sausage and egg biscuits
28. asian peanut butter pork tenderloin
29. grilled turkey melts
30. crockpot chicken and wild rice

Menu Plan Monday: March 2014, Part 1

4 Mar 2014 In: Menu Plan Monday

This post is a comedy of errors. 1.  I’ve had the meal plan done ( in my Kitchen notebook), but lost said notebook last week while grocery shopping.  I am about to put it on a milk carton.  I still haven’t found it.  I’m having palpitations.  So… I had to list everything out from what I remembered and what I was able to discern from the groceries I bought. :) 2.  Our newest puppy chewed through my laptop power cord.  Certainly, I could go to the Apple store and spend $75 on a new one, but I’m too cheap for that.  The new one hadn’t arrived yet, so I finally gave in and I’m typing this on my iPad.   That means I won’t be linking recipes on this post until I have computer access again.  And it took me a whole day to remember my password to log in to post it in the first place! Sometimes, I swear I can’t get out of my own way.   That said, almost everything here is a recipe we’ve had before.  The crockpot sweet and sour chicken is new (took me forever to find chile paste and a recipe that didn’t have bell peppers in it), the Asian spaghetti and meatballs is a riff on the Chinese pork burgers already on the site. 3.  Broiled haddock with lemon 4. Hot dogs 5. Salisbury steak 6. Asian spaghetti and meatballs 7. Pizza night: margherita 8. Chicken Parmesan 9. Turkey sloppy joes 10. BBQ turkey melts 11. BFD: omelettes and toast 12. Chicken croquettes 13. Beans & cornbread 14. Sweet and sour crockpot chicken (NEW!)

Menu Plan Monday: February 2014, Part 2

16 Feb 2014 In: Menu Plan Monday

We are continually being buried by snowstorms. We may never dig out. Braving the grocery store today between storms…wish me luck.

Testing out a few cook once, eat twice sort of meals this meal plan (the roast chicken, grilled salmon, and baked turkey). So we’ll see how that goes.

16. polenta with chicken sausage, tomatoes and spinach  (NEW!)
17. crockpot beef stroganoff
18. grilled salmon
19. roast chicken
20. BFD: salmon benedict for us, eggs and english muffins for kiddos
21. chicken curry (NEW!)
22. parmesan crusted chicken tenders. Having some friends and kids over and this one is great for a crowd!
23. baked turkey breast
24. FFY- I have an exam on Tuesday.
25. turkey tetrazzini (NEW!)
26. TBD: kids at a birthday party.
27. FFY buffet
28. BFD: banana pancakes & bacon

Menu Plan Monday: February 2014, Part 1

2 Feb 2014 In: Menu Plan Monday

a few new recipes here, and I know i’m way behind on posting the ones I’ve tried recently. I’m trying, I promise…January was complete craziness. :) I did take pictures of several of them and i’m working on a new gallery widget for the site, too. Lest you think I am just being lazy…

I’ve been doing a lot of behind the scenes research on more marathon freezer cooking as well. Lots of paging through “Once a Month Cooking” sort of things, but it’s tempered by some other projects I am working on (how to completely remove deli meat from our household, decreasing the sodium usage, moving away from processed foods), so I find that a lot of things need modifications. And that’s assuming everyone likes the vegetables and textures involved (Yes, Boo, I’m talking about you).  So, it’s a work in progress. I’m looking forward to sharing some of the results soon.

But, we still have to eat while I figure out how we’re going to go forward. Here’s the first part of February.

1. slow cooker chipotle-maple shredded beef with smashed sweet potatoes (NEW!)
2. lasagna flowers (Kids in the Kitchen! NEW!)
3. FFY Buffet…I have an exam the next day. :(
4. comfort food night…hot dogs and homemade baked beans (NEW!)
5. butternut squash & arugula salad (NEW!)
6. BFD: omelettes & toast
7. chicken lettuce wraps (NEW!)
8. FFY Buffet
9. maui marinated london broil
10. maple dijon pork tenderloin
11. chicken wraps & fries
12. BFD: biscuits & gravy! (a good reference minus gravy recipe…here.)
13. teriyaki salmon
14. Happy Valentine’s Day! We’re having heart shaped whole wheat banana pancakes and bacon. Because nothing says love like bacon.
15. mac and cheese for kids…suitNtie and are out for Valentine’s Day dinner.

Menu Plan Monday: January 2014, Part 2

13 Jan 2014 In: Menu Plan Monday

16. cheese & cracker chicken (NEW!)
17. pizza night
18. tortellini alfredo
19. GO PATS! :) game food: sweet chile hot wings, baked black beans & chorizo, potato skins, chicken skewers…yum.
20. FFY buffet
21.  cashew chicken stir fry (NEW!)
22.  mongolian beef (NEW!)
23. quick chicken & dumplings
24.  pork cutlets with apples
25.  BFD:  frittatas
26. FFY buffet
27.  black beans & sausage
28.  pesto chicken pasta (NEW!)
29.  chicken club sammies
30.  shredded beef tacos
31. slow cooker paella (NEW!)

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